Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, you should purchase a financial care report and then follow instructions for securely linking any financial accounts that you want to be included in your personalized financial care report.

How do I link financial accounts?

Financial accounts are linked to your Guide Change account through a third-party tool called Plaid. Plaid, which was acquired by Visa in 2020, provides a secure method to share read-only access to financial data. You will need the log-in credentials used for online banking to link accounts.

Is it secure?

Guide Change uses a third party program called Plaid (acquired by Visa in 2020) to safely manage connections to your financial institutions with bank-level security. Once linked, Guide Change uses a secure version of Amazon Web Services to store your transactions in a read-only manner. No one can use your credentials to transfer any funds using the Guide Change app.

What are the benefits of Guide Change?

With Guide Change, you get a financial care report that is personalized for your situation. The report will help you organize financial information from multiple accounts (for retirement and estate planning), identify ways to save money (through comparison data), and mitigate risks associated with fraud (by using red flags to highlight suspicious transactions).

What is a financial care report?

If you sign-up with Guide Change, you will receive a personalized financial care report. The financial care report is used by both professionals and families to better understand financial information for purposes of planning and risk mitigation. The report will include details on your available balances and a transaction history to determine spending patterns. Guide Change will analyze your transaction history to help you determine whether spending is in the best interest of the person. You will obtain spending comparison data and red flags showing risk activity.

How long does it take to get a financial care report?

After you securely link the accounts that you want analyzed, you will receive your personalized financial care report in approximately 10 days.

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