How It Works

Money and aging are growing concerns for many.  Learn how Guide Change can help you address these concerns.

When it comes to money and aging, you are not alone.  We offer tools and advice to help you protect your finances.

Typical Concerns

There are many concerns related to money and aging.  Fraud, over payments, missing payments, saving enough, undue influence, long term capacity, and more.

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1. Share Concerns

Everyone is different.  Answer our brief Money & Aging Survey to share your story with Guide Change.  Responses are secure and only used for our analysis on your behalf.  

2. Follow the Money

Using the Guide Change App, let us know which financial accounts you want us to review on your behalf.  We analyze the data to give you insights.


3. Get Advice

We will send you personalized recommendations to help you protect your money in an easy to read report.  The report looks for fraud, identifies new savings, and gives you new insights.

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