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What to Expect When You Work with Guide Change

How to Get Started Working with Us

Do you have concerns related to money and aging? You have come to the right place. Everyone would like to make the most of their money as they age and to protect their savings from fraud and waste, and you don't have to struggle alone.

When you sign-up for a free trial with Guide Change, you are taking the first step towards achieving your goals related to financial security and optimization of your savings.

What happens when you decide to work with Guide Change?

Getting Started

First you click the GET STARTED button on our Guide Charge homepage to schedule a time for a quick introductory phone call. We will call you back at your requested time with a quick introduction and answers to any questions that you may have. After we answer your questions, you are ready to get started.

Next, you simply create a Guide Change app account by following the instructions provided in the follow-up email.

There are two basic tasks that you will do:

  1. You will complete a short survey to share a little background information; and

  2. You provide a secure, read-only copy of your recent monthly spending for analysis. Accounts used for everyday spending like your checking account, credit cards, and others will all be important to complete your current financial profile. Expect to spend about 1 hour on step one and two combined if you are using less than three accounts for analysis.

(A note about security: Guide Change operated in a highly secure environment. We use a proven, third-party data aggregation tool to provide us with a secure copy of financial transactions for analysis. The third-party tool is integrated right into the Guide Change application, so you don't need to do any extra work. And, the security bank level security protects you and your data.)

That's it for your part of the onboarding!

Next Steps

Now that we know your goals and understand your spending history, the Guide Change app's data analytics and recommendation engine gets to work.

We will analyze your background and spending history to create personalized recommendations to address your concerns and an action plan to help you succeed with money and aging. These are done with our proprietary financial and subject-matter expertise, culling your data for specific personalized insights. The whole process takes about a week, but the results are well worth it.

While you wait for your results, you will receive tips and advice. Expect to receive one or two emails during your first week to help you get started with smarter spending and planning.

Final Results

The final result of your Guide Change free trial will be a personalized report and action plan to address your concerns with money and aging. We may have identified several ways to save money in your monthly budget. You will get a list of potential financial risks and actions that you can take to improve your financial picture.

(Please note that Guide Change's recommendations relate to your spending and saving patterns: we are not selling you any investments or offering investment advice.)

You can begin using your personalized report upon receipt. Sample next steps you might take to improve your situation might be:

  1. Finding alternatives to that expensive cable bill.

  2. Learning how your monthly food budget compares to others in your age group.

  3. Eliminating that unwanted gym membership or magazine subscription.

Following your initial Guide Charge recommendations should set you on an immediate new course towards financial success.

If you continue with Guide Charge, we can build on this foundation with follow-up monthly reports and advice to help you achieve greater success.

You can upgrade your subscription and begin the next phase of our services at any time.


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