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Guide Change Apps of the Week Two

Here are three more great apps and tech tips related to helping you save time, manage money or build social wealth.


If you are caring for an aging parent with transportation challenges, then GoGoGrandparent is an app worth your consideration. Let’s face it: some apps like Uber and Lyft are designed for the younger crowd. GoGoGrandparent makes it easy for older adults to get around in several ways. First, GoGo screens drivers to make sure that the Uber driver and vehicle are senior-friendly. Secondly, GoGo allows users to arrange rides using traditional phones without the need for an app. Also, GoGoGrandparent enables people without a smartphone to utilize companies like Doordash and Instacart through their specially trained concierge phone team. Because social isolation impacts a person’s well-being, more reliable transportation can make a real difference.

GoGoGrandparent Services Summary


The number of scam phone calls has been increasing for years. For many people, robocallers and telemarketers present an annoyance and brief interruption in their day. For some people, the risk of becoming a victim to fraud is a real threat. According to one report, Americans lost nearly $30 billion to phone scams last year. Apps like Nomorobo can help you minimize unwanted calls. Nomorobo is free for landlines and has a low monthly rate for mobile phones.

Nomorobo Website Header

Visit the Website powered by Aunt Bertha to find a large variety of benefits. If you are trying to find ways to help someone you know who is in need, then this website offers a powerful search engine to find out what help may be available in a specific zip code. Categories include assistance with food, housing, transportation, healthcare, finances, care, and more. Services Summary

Guide Change will be posting several Apps of the Week articles with suggestions on how you can use technology to improve your life. Our focus will be on Apps that relate to longevity, money, and aging, but many of these apps and tech tips can be used by anyone. To find out more about Guide Change, visit us at


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