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Beware of the Fake Receipt Scam

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

One of the most popular scams today involves an email claiming that you made a purchase. Scammers are out there sending thousands of fraudulent emails that appear to be an invoice or receipt from a legitimate company such as Norton Antivirus, Geek Squad, McAfee, Apple or any number of vendors. These fake emails often contain links, attachments, or phone numbers as a way to lure their victims into a response.

For example, this is a fake receipt allegedly from Geek Squad with a phone number to call for assistance.

Dear Subscriber,

We are glad to have you on board.

You have successfully subscribed to Geek Squad Computer Diagnosis and Repair Services. For your convenience, we have included a copy of your orders below


Order # GSKA-UD7xxxxxx79

purchased on Monday, May 03, 2022

Item: Geek Squad Computer Diagnosis and Repair Service

Expiry: 2 Years

Payment Method: Debit/Credit Card

Amount: $321.29

Total: $321.29

Our Geek Squad Agents can set up your new computer or tablet, diagnose and repair any problems that arise.

Connect with our Geeksquad agents on +1 (805) 2xx-2xxx

Computer programs running slowly? Seeing unwanted. We have the expertise to get things running cleanly again.

To upgrade/cancel this subscription, please contact our customer service desk.

(Working Monday-Saturday, 8AM – 8PM EST)

For assistance Call +1 (805) 2xx-2xxx


J----- H----,

Geek Squad Agent

If you call the number seeking assistance because you do not recognize this charge, then the scammers on the phone will steal your personal information and possibly more. They may ask you for your credit card information, Social Security number and more. Some victims give the scammers remote access to their computers, and in one case a woman reported losing nearly $100,000 to the Geek Squad fake receipt scam. It's not just a Geek Squad scam; scammers also impersonate other technical support companies in an effort to steal your identity and remotely access your computer to steal even more.

This type of phishing email scam has been common for several years, but it is still effective. Most people have seen some type of phishing scam in the past because it is the number one type of email scam. If the scammers can reach a person who is willing to react on that day by calling or clicking on links, then they have a chance to steal that person’s hard-earned money.

Use extreme caution when you receive an unsolicited email of any type. Inspect the email addresses, research any phone numbers listed, look for grammatical errors, and ask someone you know for help before falling into this costly trap.

The scammers are getting better at impersonations and can make you believe that an email is coming from a company that you know. And it’s not just email: this type of scam and other scams are starting to show up more and more via text message with a link that lures you in. Stay vigilant!

To learn more about common scams, you can access additional articles on the Guide Change blog. For examples of the McAfee email scam, read our recent McAfee scam blog. We also offer a scam quiz and a downloadable guide to common scams that you may encounter. If you would like to share a story about a scam that you have encountered, feel free to email us at or leave a comment below.


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