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Are Google Work from Home Jobs Legitimate?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Work from home scams have been around for a long time, and they aren't going away. I recently read an article discussing money-saving tips, and the author was trying his best to give good advice. But then, the article was immediately followed by three comments promoting work from home scams. The scams read as follows (grammar not corrected):

Comment 1: "Start now earning every week more than $5,000 by doing very simple and easy home based job online. Last month i have made $19735 by doing this online job just in my part time for only 2 hrs a day using my laptop. This job is just awesome and easy to do in part time. Everybody can now get this and start earning more dollars online just by follow instructions here............ "

Comment 2: "Google is paying $85 to $95 per hour for operative on-line from home. I even have merely received my third make sure same $17649 a year that is the gain of only 1 month from home. i am presently very happy once getting this job. everybody ought to try this job and start earning on-line just by merely use knowledge on this link......."

Comment 3: "Start now making every month extra $19k or more by just doing an easy online job from home. Last month i have earned and received $18648 from this job by giving this only 2 hrs a a day. Every person can now get this job and start earning online by follow details on this WebSite......."

These types of easy money offers are fake. Google is not paying $85 to $95 per hour to people who follow the links on these work-from-home offers, and Google did not give the commenter permission to use the Google name. These offers are trying to lure you in so that you pay the scammers to get more details. Do not follow the links.

If you are tempted by these work from home scams, then you are not alone. Beware, these are not legit work from home jobs.

It was especially disheartening to see that these scammers were adding comments to a news article aimed at helping retirees make the most of their money. The scammers know which audiences are likely to be interested in the lies they are selling, and they make targeted efforts to separate people from their money.

Do not pay someone else for a kit, details, or instructions on how you can make money at home. Do not risk identity theft by giving out personal information. If an offer sounds too good to be true, then it is fake.

For more information on how you can protect yourself from scams or to share your story on an attempted scam, please email us at


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