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This is Michael with Guide Change, and I want to help you avoid being scammed.

Co-founder, Attorney, MBA

Helping You Protect Yourself and Those You Care About from Scams

Scams come in many forms. Emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and in-person: Scams are everywhere!


Are you being asked to pay upfront to receive a prize? Are you being put in a high-pressure situation that requires fast action? It could be a scam.

Billions are Lost Every Year to Scammers

Know How to Identify the Top 10 Scams

Mitigate the Risk of Becoming a Victim

Do you ever wonder "Is this a Scam?"

Guide Change Featured as an Online Tool to Help You Stay Safe from Fraud in AARP Bulletin


How Can You Avoid Becoming a Victim?

Guide Change offers you personalized assessments with pages of insights to help you stay safe from:

  • Email Phishing

  • Phone Spoofing

  • Improper Business Practices

  • Identity Theft

  • Con Artists

  • Scams

Getting Started is Easy

Just Answer a Few Questions

  • There is no cost to take our preliminary assessment and receive your free tips on how to avoid common scams.

For More Information

To get answers to any of your questions, please Contact Us.

For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ.

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